Academics, Robotics, Coding, Arduino

​​​​Academy Learning Center has a summer camp or course that will keep your child engaged and motivated to learn!

Full Day and Half-Day Options for Students in Grades Kindergarten through 9th grade. 

FULL DAY: $295

Morning: Personalized Academics

Afternoon: LEGO Robotics (new WeDo 2.0 and Mindstorms), Coding, Arduino Electronics


Morning: Academics: $185

Afternoon: Robotics, Coding, Rocketry, Hands-On Science: $225

(See week-by-week schedule at bottom of this page)

We also offer: 
K-12 Private Tutoring and Semi-Private Tutoring

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Grades 1-9th

Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 12pm includes...
   ​1. Disguised Learning (Math) 
   2. Math Olympics
   3. StoryTellers
   4. Reading Comprehension, 
   5. Grammar Power
   6. Essay Writing
   7. Super-Charged Science

Individual Instruction and Learning Plan
 - Coordination with classroom teacher(s)
 - 6:1 student:teacher ratio
 - iPad Apps for drills in Math, Spelling, Vocabulary. 
 - Group Games in Math and Reading Comprehension 

S.T.E.M./Robotics ACADEMY
Grades 2nd-9th. (Mon-Fri, 1-4pm)

Pick one or more from the following: 
1. LEGO WeDo 2.0 Engineering/Construction:, S.T.E.M. Intro. to Robotics. Grades 1-4.  Please click on the links below for complete information from LEGO.  Salli Ford, a Project Lead the Way (Next Generation Science Standards) certified teacher, will connect everything covered in the WeDo 2.0 Camp to science standards covered in the classroom with the goal of igniting in the student an interest in the science taught in their school classroom. 

2. LEGO EV3 Robotics:, competition-level Robotics platform.  Students learn programming logic on LabView as well as engineering and physics concepts that Grades 4-9. 

Tuition Includes:
Maximum 2 kids for each LEGO Kit with a Laptop for programming the robot. 

3. Game Coding: Intro. to Computer Programming, Coding Computer Games.  Students create their own games on an intuitive, interactive interface. Your child can learn how to program, and how to make games, by learning game coding on our platform. 

4. Arduino Electronics: Future engineers are made here!  All about Arduino:


Grades 4-9 (Mon-Fri by request)
Math, Writing, Reading, Study Skills 
“How to be a Successful Student”, Goal setting, study skills
“Working Your Core”: Math, Reading, Writing
“Organizing for Success” Time and space
“Anatomy of a Test” Note-taking, test prep and test-taking strategies

​Week 1 : June 5 - 9          HANDS ON SCIENCE LABS: Life Science (3rd-5th)(6th-8th)
Week 2 : June 12 - 16      ROCKETRY (4th - 8th)* $20 material fee for take-home rocket
Week 3 : June 19 - 23      ROBOTICS: WEDO (1st - 3rd) & MINDSTORMS (4th-9th)
Week 4 : June 26 - 30      GAME CODING (3rd - 8th)
Week 5 : July 5 - 7            GIRL GENIUS: HANDS ON SCIENCE (3rd - 5th)* 
Week 6 : July 10 - 14       ROBOTICS: WEDO (1st - 3rd grades) & MINDSTORMS (4th-9th) 
Week 7:  July 17-21         GAME CODING (3rd - 8th)
Week 8:  July 24-28         ROCKETRY (4th - 8th)
Week 8 : July 31 - 8/4     ROBOTICS: WEDO (1st - 3rd) & MINDSTORMS (4th-9th)
                                          HANDS ON SCIENCE LABS: Chemistry (3rd-5th)(6th-8th)
Week 9 : Aug 7 - 11         ROBOTICS LEVEL 2: WEDO & MINDSTORMS
                                           GAME CODING (3rd - 8th)

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