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Young Engineers (Instant Challenges by Destination Imagination: K - 8th)
Do you like to use your imagination and try out your ideas? Using the "Destination Imagination"
approach, little learners get hands on practice in team-building and strategy. Each day has fun-*lled
activities with a specific goal in mind using critical thinking and creative skills. You and 3 or 4 team
members will strengthen your problem solving abilities, self confidence, presentation skills, teamwork skills, and help you to "think on your feet". Materials fee: $5

Project Lead the Way

Calling all South Sutter students, K - 8th grades! Be sure to take advantage of an amazing STEM
opportunity! Project Lead The Way is the nation's leading provider of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. Through a tried and tested K-12 curriculum, high-quality teacher professional development, and outstanding partnerships, PLTW is helping students develop the skills needed to succeed in the global economy with hands on activities and project-based learning. Offered to 6-8th grade students.

Rocketry using NASA Curriculum
Few classroom topics generate as much excitement as rockets. The scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical foundations of rocketry provide exciting classroom opportunities for authentic hands-on, minds-on experimentation. The activities and lesson plans contained in this educator guide emphasize hands-on science, prediction, data collection and interpretation, teamwork, and problem solving. The guide also contains background information about the history of rockets and basic rocket science. The rocket activities in this guide support national curriculum standards for science, mathematics and technology.


Why Robotics? Just ask Forbes magazine. It gives the answer under the title: "Why Kids Learn Better Playing with Robots". Most of time spent in every class is hands-on learning through automation and robotics: students learn how to code and have their robot play out their commands while constructing them with gears, sensors, and more.  No coding experience necessary! 

LEGO WeDo (grades 2nd-4th)
"LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 makes science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and coding come to life. The unique combination of the LEGO brick, classroom-friendly software, and engaging, standards-based projects results in a resource that builds students’ confidence to ask questions, define problems and design their own solutions by putting STEM learning directly in their hands.

The LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 curriculum pack is built on Next Generation Science Standards and delivers key science content to second through fourth grade students. The curriculum facilitates and supports a clear, easy-to-follow journey through subjects, including: life-, physical-, earth- and space sciences, and engineering. Features 17 projects totaling more than 40 hours of instructional content."

LEGO MindStorms (5th-8th)
The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set contains the software and elements to start teaching STEM subjects using robotics to middle school students. LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 enables students to build, program, and test their solutions based on LEGO building bricks and real-life robotics technology.

Through hands-on learning, LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 will enable your students to: understand forces and motion; graph and interpret rotation sensor data; develop robots capable of complex thinking using logical structures and sensor feedback; understand that complex systems are created from subsystems; and design, build and program a fully-functioning robotic system.​

​​Game Coding and Computer Programming (2nd - 8th)
In today’s digital world, coding is a fundamental skill alongside math and reading. Use creative computing platforms to program and built games and more. Scratch, Tynker, and Hopscotch use engaging programming curriculums and projects with “drag and drop” visual blocks. This is in contrast to traditional programming language like Python or Javascript, where discouragement is likely among young learners. The platforms we introduce provides exciting activities so children can learn the programming concepts they need to code in any language without all the frustration. With Tynker’s courses and activities, kids have fun while they learn, so they stay engaged and continue learning and creating.

Reading / Writing

Creative Writing
Calling all budding story-tellers, playwrights, biographers, and poets! Professional authors and twin sisters will teach you how to write amazing pieces in a variety of mediums. They encourage you to place no boundaries on your imagination. Students will read examples of each genre by literary masters of inspiration for their own work. Writing exercises include short stories, character sketches, one-act plays, short memoirs, and poems, and finished work will be published on the AfterSchool Academy website. Imagination is the limit!

Early Readers’ Book Club: Ocean Adventures or Little Critters Camp (K-2)
This class channels our little students’ AMAZING creativity to form an adventure novel. Students will learn to develop, write, illustrate and publish an original book that will be on display in our Academy library.

Writers Workshop: Grammar Power! (grades 3-4 and 5-6)
Whether a student is an excited writer or if he needs a motivational nudge, this class promises to make writing fun. Using high interest books or children’s magazines, we will captivate his interest and teach him how to write while we incorporate "paired texts" and different genres and purposes in writing. We use the “Step-Up-to-Writing” approach as we outline simple step-by-step instructions to assist students through the process of writing and structuring paragraphs and essays.  Upon finishing this course, students will be confident writers of the paragraph and essay.

Early Readers’ Book Club: Ocean Adventures (or Little Critters)
This class channels our little students’ AMAZING creativity to form an adventure novel. Students will
learn to develop, write, illustrate and publish an original book that will be on display in our Academy library.

Book Reports: Current Day
Book reports are an excellent way to help students emphasize reading comprehension and conquer any pubic speaking fears or apprehensions they may have. This course teaches students to outline the basic constructs of a story and to present their information in a compelling and confident manner.


Disguised Learning - Math Games (grades 2-3 and 4-6)
Math Games is fun learning! With Math Games, students engage in calculation and computation without even realizing they are actually learning! The games are offered in both team and individual formats, giving a little friendly competition to motivate intrinsic learning. This goal of the class is to foster a love for learning and using math, allowing children who may have been intimidated by numbers and operations to conquer that fear and blast through their "math barriers.”

Math Facts Fluency Lab (3rd - 4th)
Trail blaze through the world of math facts… it’s all around us. Learners will enjoy solving math problems while playing math games that involve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division practice (Each activity is formed around your learner’s strengths and weaknesses).  Games and activity involve flashcards, time, money, and word problems.

Math Homework Lab (5th - 8th)
M.A. provides an open forum for students to bring their questions, homework, and frustrations, or just be a part of a community of learners where review and front loading can happen.

Math Lab
This lab is designed in a group tutoring setting for junior high school students to offer support for the concepts they may find confusing in their regular math curriculum. Students will bring their own assignments to the lab, and class time can be used for both instruction and individual direction.


a-g High School Labs
Hands on high school science labs that follow the standards set by the University of California.

Chemistry labs
Biology labs
Earth Science

Hands On Science Adventures (3rd - 5th) and Little Hands On Science (K - 2)
Science isn’t science unless it’s hands-on! Calling all K - 2nd graders and 3rd - 5th graders
who love to explore using their senses. Students will be exposed to chemistry and the physical and life sciences by using the scientific method and inquiry. Students will be encouraged to formulate questions, gather data and draw conclusions. Most projects will be taken home.
Supply fee: $10.

Conversational Spanish
This Spanish course is designed to develop oral and written language skills at the beginning level.
Conversations and discussions are the key components, and a secondary focus on grammar.
Conversations will be centered on themes using the related vocabulary and expressions.

Latin 1
This Latin course is designed to develop oral and written language skills at the beginning level, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and translation of ancient texts. Students will benefit from an expanded
knowledge of the Latin roots of the English language. Recommended book: Wheelock’s Latin

American Government and Economics
American Government and Economics is a one-year course devoted to the study of the foundations of the American system of government and economics. Students will learn key principles of the three branches of government, gain an greater understanding of the election process, and learn the roles of the Supreme Court and Congress. In the economics segment, the second semester of the program, students will learn perspective on money and learn to develop values such as temperance and stewardship.

Student Leadership Program KidLead
TM centers its training curriculum on four of the most sought-after leader qualities, focusing on
character and competencies (skills). Unlike most leadership programs that focus only on adults, KidLead’s LeadYoungTM training systems target leaders while they’re young and moldable. Many programs talk about leadership, but focus on things unrelated to organizational change or helping teams accomplish what they could not otherwise. KidLead focuses solely on leading. This fifteen week course will focus on how to mobilize teams through Biblical Ethics, Honor, Communication, and Power.

Immerse yourself in the world of Shakespeare! We begin with excerpts from two different plays that display different elements of dramatic writing: Twelfth Night, Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing. Our experienced drama coach will compare and contrast different dialogues and monologues. The setting of the scene and character analysis will also be explored.
Text to be used: Shakespeare Set Free, by Peggy O’Brien

Intro to Art
Learn basics of art history and fine-tune your creativity while we draw, paint, and color with pastels.
Discover proper pencil techniques, 3D concepts, shading, foreshortening, contour lines, and paper mache. Supply fee: $20